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Dansville Water Systems has been in business for over 20 years. Selling & installing water treatment equipment and well pumps. 
We have a great history of service to our customers and have managed to build up a clientele that we and our customers can be proud of. We handle all of our service work and installations with integrity and honesty. 

Bret Walker along side his wife Robin are the owners now of Dansville Water Systems, LLC.. We, along side our staff have the experience and training to handle the many different water needs that we come across. 
Just to name a few, sulfur, iron, hardness, methane, low producing wells and various pump installations. 
Our staff has the capability of handling all your drinking water installation needs. 
We try to give technical support over the phone, or at the counter. To help you with questions that arise concerning installations that we have done. We also try to be helpful when you have any water problem, and we attempt to assist you with other various water needs.

 Our prices are competitive and we provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.

We take pride in taking care of our customers!

​Please bring us a fresh water sample in a clean, non-carbonated or acetic container. We will test that here. Then make a recommendation based on your test result, that is custom fit to your water needs!

We are located on State Route 36,
 before Stony Brook Park and south of 390 Exit 4. 

Our Building is Blue and located on the right side when traveling south. 

Dansville Water Systems, LLC
Water treatment for Home and Business
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